Over the past two years, I’ve been apart of two exhibitions and have two more coming up in the next month. Since they are all university supported and encouraged, it has been easy to be an active member in organizing, setting up and working as a team. 
 The first exhibition was at the end of our second year which was such a learning curve and taught all of us about how important determination and passion is in a process like this. If we didn’t have the passion to want to create something worthy of our work, we wouldn’t have been determined enough to push through all the hurdles we faced, and if we didn’t have that then we would’ve let all ourselves and the work down. In the end, the exhibition was a great success and one I will remember for a while as one of my favorite memories of university. 

The second show was again in the same chapel as the first exhibition and this time we felt far more in control as we knew the space and were aware of how much we could work with. Again there were the same hurdles that I feel we will always face when it comes to working people who don’t have the same vision or dedication, which lead to people being unhelpful or just moaning not realising that there would never be a perfect situation where everyone is happy with the outcome. 
The next show we have coming up is our final year degree show, where all the art courses at the school take over the building and show their work. There will be limitations with space again but we are aware of this and accepting as it gives us a chance to briefly showcase our work to locals and peers before our big own run exhibition in London. We have been fundraising endlessly and manage to make all the money for our show, which gives us all such an amazing sense of pride. The London show will give us plenty of space to show our work in any way we want and really give all of us a chance to get our foot in the door to our futures in the industry.
It’s quite easy to be hopeful at this stage of an exhibition, we’ve been planning for so long and working out logistics and we managed to raise the money in time. However soon we’ll realise that some of our peers won’t make the process easy, at least someone’s work won’t hang well, and there will definitely be pieces that take double time to put up. However, I feel that on opening night this degree show will be such a great ending to all the hard work that we have not only put into the last project but over the last three years, and will be the last occasion my year will all work together and create something only we could.

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