Max Ferguson

Due to the nature of my project this half of the academic year, I was only able to make a very limited amount of the guest lectures that came to the university, and one of those was Max Ferguson. 

Max Ferguson is currently founder and creator of Splash and Grab magazine with the aim to promote new, up and coming artists all around the world. It was inspiring to have such a young and ambitious talent in the room. Ferguson began by telling us where it came from to where he is now. 
  He began his passion for editorial magazines by reading into photography, and learning about it, with such a desire to learn and take it all in, Ferguson clearly showed his love and dedication to the craft. He also realized that when starting out, there are a certain set of chores you have to do to make money and survive, which includes wedding and club photography, but deep down knew he preferred magazines. And it has only been a year since he left his customer service job, and is finally able to make a decent living by doing something he actually loves. And now he is working for well-known magazines, including the financial times and port magazine. he has also created his own magazine (Splash and Grab), keeps up a photography blog and even lectures. 
Ferguson mainly talked about the process he made with the magazine and how he started the whole thing. One main struggle he dealt with is the constant need to update the work, always having new content and the amount of time that takes. Max also used Kickstarter to help to fundraise so that they would be able to make their first physical hard copy of the magazine, and so were able to use the sales of the first to make the next copy. This is such an incredibly feat max and his team have done but it’s good to know that they’re still human, there are times when guest lectures come in and seem too good to be true, but Max admitted that there are plenty of mistakes that were made in the first copy of the magazine and then they were able to improve and learn from them for their second copy, but acknowledges that there are still a few mistakes in the second. A good example that practice does often make perfect, and you just have to strive to keep going and use the mistake to improve. 
Finally, Ferguson talked about how much he loves having the opportunity of getting the chance to work with amazing people who are worldwide but not known in the UK, and raising their audience and raising awareness for UK people on new, upcoming stuff.

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