Photographic Landscape

On July 25th, I will graduate from university and go from student to unemployed very quickly and so there are a few questions that need to be thought about thoroughly, the main one is how am I going to pay rent? And right now, I’m still not 100% sure, I am confident that I am a hirable person but for the next two months I will be relying on the savings I have been creating for the past six years to help me to get through till the end of July, and by visualizing where I want to be I feel calmer. So in the next three months, I want to have updated my CV and be applying for jobs so that by the time August rolls on, I will have something lined up. Six months from now, I would have hoped that I’ve settled into a job that I do enjoy, or least don’t dread going to, with the little enthusiasm I currently have I will take what I can get. And then one year from leaving university, I will be reevaluating where I am, my current plan stands at staying in Bath for the next two years so I hope that I will have stuck with my job and still happy with the life I have. And then finally five years, I will have moved out of Bath and hopefully working in my dream job at AWE and most importantly be able to own a dog. 
 I realize that networking is an important, especially for getting photographic work but I hope to be creating for myself in the next couple of years and yet I hope that I can rely on my network of peers to be a guiding light for my work and be able to use them for criticism and encouragement that I will provide for them in return.  The rest of my thoughts about career paths, have been documented in the three posts on my blog. 

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