Tax and Licenses

One sad note that my dad taught me growing up was that in life, you are always assured two things, death and taxes. And as I prepare to leave university, and live in the ‘real world’, I have begun to think about the idea of taxes and everything that comes from it, hopefully, I have a while until I have to deal with death. One thing that is important to remember is values, what do I want to hold onto and stick by when everything else gets challenge while searching for a job? I’ve spoken about it in previous posts, but one I am striving for is the job and economic security that comes from work. I do not like the idea of having to rely on anyone if I can help it so being able to rely on a job and myself is the way forward, so another value that is important to me is independence. 
   It is also important to me to have a good work to life balance, I am aware that I need a job to live, but I want to make sure I don’t get to a point where I am compromising what I want out of life to a job that doesn’t fulfill me in the same way, I know that for a lot of career-driven people, they build their identity around it and their job is a huge part of who they are, but I rather people know me for being a good person instead of being some fancy photographer. However, in saying that I am the kind of person who loves having a place to grow and be challenged in and so a good job that allows that is something I consider to want. 

Taxes are important to everyone, but if you’re self-employed a lot of sorting that out is a big part of your job, and this isn’t the reason I don’t want to be self-employed but I am grateful I don’t have to worry about that.
Something I have already come across in my practice so far is copyright. I was taught about it properly in my first photographic job at AWE as copyright is incredibly important in all their work and having a clear claim is a matter of security for them. However, after that, I have been more aware of it with working with clients. A lot of the commissions I have got have mainly been from working with young student bands at the university, and thankfully there have been no problems with copyright as we were all relaxed about the licensing of the images and everyone was happy in the situation. It is good to know officially that copyright does cover intellectual property, included in imagery, and that licensing gives me and any client the use of images without having to drastically give away my copyrights. So as long as I am informed about my rights with copyrights and licensing with groups such as AOP, I am hoping to be fine.  I just have to remember that if I did sign away my copyrights there is the worry that I would no longer have control, something I like to have a lot.

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